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Government Competitiveness Labs Workshop

The need for government organizations to become competitive is growing with the huge instability in the economy. Competitiveness has been the source of differentiation for organizations and countries for the Quality of Life, Life Long Learning, Knowledge Economy and Innovation Economy. Through workshops of Competitiveness Labs decade as a source of influence on organizational development practices..

Change Management Lab Workshop

Change Management ought to support transformational programs, ranging from changes in organization strategic direction all the way to processes structured changes, radical change, re-engineering, process streamlining and integration.

Inspiration Labs

An in depth learning by doing lab that explores the inspiration power and use it as a currency for the development of the capacity of the organization to meet challenging and turbulent Socio-Economy. The lab address and built what means Inspiration Economy and how inspiration labs can create a development with no resources. The lab transform organisations and societies towards better future.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship Lab Workshop

Integration of innovativeness and entrepreneurship spirit into organizations life and practices are one of the unique approaches developed by Dr Buheji through this one of a kind lab. The workshop not only raise the spirits of the management and team leaders towards what and how entrepreneurial spirit can do to create a change in the outcome of the organization towards the world. This spirit should help address and solve challenges, and moreover ensure real organizational sustainability.

Best Practice Visits Lab

Organizations that aim towards building unique capacity and maximising its performance it needs to develop it own and then starts benchmarking. Meeting World Class Organisations (WCO) practices requires deep understanding of what differentiates them and then how they do it. This is why Best Practice Visits Lab was design for. We assure you that this would make the difference of what you really learn and unlearn to build the capacity from the WCO’s.
“TThat which you have is transitory, but that which is with Allah endures. We shall reward the patient according to the best of their deeds” [The Holy Quran - Al-Nahl : 16.96]

Special Welcome to You !

The more the leaves of our life fail .. it reflects our mental deficiency.. of how much we don’t know about dealing and contributing to the life journey.

Reflecting on my life .. I wonder how much time was wasted wondering around my potential powers.. I remember for example how I spent my youth obsessed with collection of stamps, coins and precious stones .. nevertheless I thank God for the wake-up call using the rest of life involved in real value added contribution.

And through this site I target to inspire You !

Sharing my humble achievements represented and if I can do it.. you can surely do better ! All you need is to try eagerly and use all the failures towards better achievements.. reflect on your failures as challenges that you should appreciate once you pass through.

Through the site aiming to share the life of an expert and how he discovered his potentials in life. Confirming presence of our powers and potential to influence ourselves, our families and our nations.. under the concept of “influencing without power”. Yes today I believe you don’t have to have power to influence other.. you have enough powers within .. you only need to discover them.

Contributing with many innovative ideas that we together can work on to inspire yourself, your organization and your society.. (Actions are put/set by intentions) .. So let go ahead to the field!




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